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Impeccable language services.
A broad and varied expertise.
A dedicated, spirited team.
A vibrant and caring community.

All this, and much more, is waiting for you at Hermes Translation!


Hermes Translation: Your go-to language experts

Hermes Translation is a language service provider comprised of professional wordsmiths who craft written content with the utmost care and skill. All of them work closely together to leverage their strengths in order to deliver clear messages and top-notch texts that resonate with target audiences.

We embrace a human approach to doing business and enjoy being in direct contact with our clients. Our versatile language experts ensure a timely response and rigorous quality assurance for each and every project, providing a truly personalized and turnkey experience.

Our areas of expertise

  • English-French translation
  • French editing
  • Adaptation
  • Stimulating challenges

Our guarantee

  • Superior-quality work
  • Prompt reply to your requests
  • Direct contact with translators
  • On-time delivery

And even more!

Translating social media posts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.) has no secrets for us. We can also give a hand on subtitling by providing French SRT files timed with your English videos, and we own the Articulate Storyline software, which allows us to translate e-learning courses (including audio recording and synchronizing text).

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Broad expertise

We believe the secret of great work lies in the passion invested in it. That’s why our main fields of expertise are shaped by our own values and interests. If the following ideas strike a chord with you, chances are we’ll get along quite nicely!

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History & Geography
Discovering new
lands and cultures

Tourism & Travel

Peoples & Cultures
one’s horizons

Nature & Environment
Taking care
of the environment

Agri-food & Gastronomy
Enjoying the good things in life

Spirituality & Wellbeing

Sports & Outdoors
Leading an active lifestyle

Healthcare & Outreach
Taking care
of people

Humanities & Social Sciences
Disseminating knowledge

Games & Hobbies
Playing and
having fun

Science & Popularization

Teaching & Training
Taking the time
to explain things

Co-operation & Development

Entrepreneurship & Business

Humanitarian Aid & Charity
Helping others

Sustainability & Philanthropy
Taking the time
to do things well

Do you have a specific project in mind?

We translate and edit a wide range of documents, including:

  • Exhibition texts and product descriptions
  • Training, evaluation and survey materials
  • Journal and magazine articles, editorials
  • Video subtitling and e-learning courses
  • Conference and meeting documents
  • Press releases, reports and minutes
  • Websites and social media content
  • Marketing and advertising copy
  • And that’s just the beginning!

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According to our clients, Hermes is…


Traductions Hermès
Annie Bergeron, translator, editor and polyglot
Audrey Marcoux, translator, exercise specialist and yoga instructor
Delphine Maton, translator
Valérie Turgeon, translator
Sylvie Gagné, certified translator and editor
Mélodie Benoit-Lamarre, certified translator and co-owner
Pascal Danis, certified translator and co-owner

Our team

At Hermes, all our team members are eager to learn and consistently give the best of themselves. They enjoy great conditions, such as remote working, flexible hours and time to nurture their passions and cultivate balance in their life so they are fully focused and productive on the job.

Collaboration is the cornerstone of everything we do. Each text is revised by another team member, not only to catch and correct issues, but also and foremost to polish and hone your message, thus leading us to deliver a carefully wrought final product that is sure to exceed your expectations.

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A strong sense of community

Firmly rooted in the translation industry, our company has an extensive network of highly skilled and proficient freelancers we can call upon to pull off large projects and meet tight deadlines.

To offer clients greater efficiency and faster turnaround times, we also tap into this network to recommend our best and most trusted colleagues when assignments are beyond the scope of our expertise.

One of our core values at Hermes is giving back to the community. Every year, we donate 1% of our revenue to some charities. For many years now, we support the following:



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